“Feels Great to Fly!”

We can now confirm that the Pitch Roll and Yaw controls will in fact make the first demo. Here’s a shot of the new, fully animated control stick in position to the right of the pilot’s seat. In flight attitude control is now functioning correctly and, in the words of Alan Shepard, “It feels great to fly!”.

We are now in the final stages of development and testing before the initial tech demo is released to give people a taste of things to come. It will be a partially interactive recreation of the Freedom 7 flight from 1 minute before launch up until re-entry and chute deploy.

Depending on levels of interest we will then look at beginning crowd funding and early access to continue to expand GFL:Mercury into a full game.
Mercury Capsule Joystick


3 thoughts on ““Feels Great to Fly!”

    • We hope to have the demo out very, very soon. Within the next fortnight. There are a couple of scripts that we are refining to get things running smoothly enough to show.

      As for hosting on steam it’s very early days, it would depend on how well the demo is received. Steam Greenlight is certainly on our list of things to look at though.

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